Gathering at the Wall


Troopers pay respect before the Ceremony 


Visiting old friends  (Jeffrey Borr) 


Reaching into his past... 


...for Robert Taylor 


Skip Fee finds name of his Replacement, Jim Stevenson KIA 25 Oct 69


 Skip Fee, Randy Golightly, Greg Korleski-1st Plt C Troop at Wall



Troopers plant flowers into the wreath

Each flower group corresponds to a 2-1 Cav KIA


Dennis Scott reads the names of the fallen as Troopers line up with flowers.


2-1 Cav KIA wreath is placed at the Wall


Park Ranger honoring our KIAs


"Headquarters" Troop


"B" Troop


"C" Troop


"D" Troop


D Troopers who were once young like the individuals depicted in the Monument behind them.


Never forget the sacrifice!